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Misha Ponnuraju is a writer and educator. Born in Loma Linda, she graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a bachelor's degree in literature, creative writing, and art history.  At UCI, she devoted herself to Soulstice League, a sketch comedy group, and New Forum, an undergraduate literary journal. 


Currently, Misha works as a guest poetry instructor and publishing assistant for Women Wonder Writers, a creative arts non-profit organization based in Riverside.


Misha is the founder of The Brides of Amazement: Writing Workshop. This is an interdisciplinary experience that intends to serve writers who want to explore different forms of storytelling, as well as create a supportive and enriching virtual community.


Family and memory are at the heart of her poems, and her prose contains her love for culture, art, and observations of ordinary life. Her homes include Southern California and Malaysia, where her parents were born. She loves to create community and laughter wherever she goes, and learns about love a little more everyday. 

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