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A college student's attempt to make poetry exciting, illuminating, and accessible ・ One poem a day during the month of April

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Day 1: Sunday Reflections with Housman's "Easter Hymn"

April 1st marks two significant events: the beginning of National Poetry Month and Resurrection Sunday. To me, two different types of salvation. I want to celebrate this glorious month of April by sharing one beautiful poem a day. Today is also April Fool's Day, so maybe the joke's on me and I won't continue this project for very long. We will see. No one asked me to do this, but I don't think that you can love something without wanting to share it.

For today's first poem is A.E. Houseman's "Easter Hymn."

This is a benediction written by an atheist poet. The first stanza essentially says: "Jesus, stay asleep if your sacrifice and religious movement is untrue. But, save the world if the grave really is empty." I believe that meaningful learning can originate from disagreement. It is humanizing to peer into the minds of those who differ from us -- either through background or belief. But despite differences, we can all experience the same fear and hope. My brother told me that his church's lesson taught on the experience of doubt. This poem balances doubt and hope equally -- it is a balance that resonates personally with me.

Additionally, I love turning a older poems that incorporates stricter form (number of lines, pentameter, rhymes). It is a source of weakness in my own writing. Typically, I run away from rhyme schemes with my tail between my legs. But, the first step for improvement is reading what you eventually want to write.

Regardless of your beliefs, I hope this Sunday of Resurrection makes you feel some type of hope. Tomorrow's poem will be a little less religious and less rhyming so keep an eye out for it. Happy Easter!