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A college student's attempt to make poetry exciting, illuminating, and accessible ・ One poem a day during the month of April

  • Mishap

Day 3: "What you Missed that Day You Were Absent from Fourth Grade"

It is the second day of school. Days feel so long when you come home so tired -- home to beloved people you want to share hours with, home with many pages you've had yet to write. I am dizzy with everything I get to learn, all of the books, poems, and paintings. At the end of a tiring but fulfilling day of school, I am selecting today's poem out of nostalgia for simpler days of school. This poem yearns for meaning and truth within the varicolored walls of an elementary school classroom. It combines the despair and hope of adulthood with the details of being a child. This is Brad Aaron Modlin's "What You Missed that Day You Were Absent from Fourth Grade," which is a poem from a collection of the same name.